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Keith Kapple
kkapple Dallas, Texas, USA
Keith Kapple has been exploring the world from behind a camera since he was 14 years old. Since graduating from Oklahoma University with a degree in media arts, he has continued to pursue his passion for photography, as well as a keen interest in film, video, and animation. Keith went on to hone his technical aptitude by working in several photographic labs, and soon became a photo editor at the Image Bank. One of the largest stock agencies in the world at the time, Image Bank exposed him to many great photographers and helped set a strong course in his career path. A nomad at heart, Keith has lived and worked in many locations over the years, from Dallas, TX to New York City. He now partners with the stock agency Super Stock, and has sold his images worldwide for more than a decade. Traveling and hiking across the most beautiful scenic areas on the American continent, Keith has captured countless photographs that reflect the glory of God.

Comments (4)


kkapple says

Thank you Ian, Frank and Randy. I appreciate your comments.

posted at 10:45am Apr 03 PST


IanLudwig says

Awesome images and a great book. If you remember, you might try entering it in the PBN next summer, 25k top prize and other great prizes.

-Ian (fellow ARF member)

posted at 02:11pm Dec 05 PST


Frankster says

With Earths Treasures, Keith Kapple has created a magnificent tribute to God's creation and he's not afraid to put it that way, either. Wonderful quotes from the Bible are scattered amongst artful photographs...Keith understands how important good lighting is, so there are very few (if any) pictures made in harsh mid-day light.
He also understands that every part of a photograph is important, so the viewer never has to see pictures with washed-out white skies. Every page in Earths Treasures is, indeed, a treasure.

posted at 06:23pm Nov 01 PST


RandyCBrown says

As an amateur photog myself, and having lived on this earth 54 years, I gotta tell ya, it's very well done. Congratulations.

posted at 05:57pm Nov 01 PST

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