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A large part of my creative endeavor as a photographer has been to observe and reveal the within of things, to make photographs that increase my appreciation of the patterns in the evolutionary process that draw me into the contemplation of being.
The images selected for this book are among those in my body of work that point to a deep underlying order beneath the apparent chaos of surface appearances. The intent in making such images is neither decoration nor technical or pictorial beauty. Rather, they are vehicles to direct and focus attention to universal order.


About the Author

David Smith
davidlsmith Cincinnati, OH (USA)
David L. Smith is Emeritus Professor of Communication and former director of the Television Center at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. His undergraduate degrees include Broadcasting (University of Cincinnati) and Professional Photography (Rochester Institute of Technology). His graduate degree in Communications Anthropology is from the University of Cincinnati. Before his tenure at Xavier University Mr. Smith was employed by Eastman Kodak Company (Rochester, NY), K&S Films Incorporated, Taft Broadcasting Company (WKRC-TV), Scripps-Howard Broadcasting (WCPO-TV) and Kent State University where he was production manager for the local PBS station. His photographs have been exhibited and published in special interest magazines. His work was featured in the March, 2002 issue of Lenswork.
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