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This series of car portraits, often set in simple but surreal landscapes, offers a look back in time at the fashioning of some of the the major "car architects" of the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Moran's studies of their color and form, combined with his computer manipulated backgrounds, offers a unique perspective on an important enclave of America's culture and her love affair with the automobile.

These photos are "... part of an ongoing series of making portraits of classic cars. Moran is not a car buff, but he knows personality when he sees it. Always shot from behind, these portraits are then transferred into Moran's digital darkroom to start their journey to a destination somewhere on the road between reality and fantasy,"
- H. Frederick, VoxPhotographs.


About the Author

Robert Moran Photography
robertvmoran Bar Harbor, ME USA 04609
Freelance fine art photographer specializing in B&W portraits, color landscapes, and special projects exploring subjects from an untraditional viewpoint.

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