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Sophie de Roumanie is deeply passionate and committed to her craft. Whether it is a photograph of the dawn shrouded in a foggy mist or the quiet expression on a cat’s face, Sophie’s photographs are magical and enchanting, and they touch the hearts of those who view them.

Nature is a treasure trove of wonderment. Most people don’t take the time to stop and see all the beauty in nature that surrounds us. Yet through Sophie’s photographs, we have the privilege to see the intriguing, elusive and mysterious beauty that nature holds.

"When Nature Calls" is an exclusive collection of some of Sophie’s photographs taken over the last 3 years, along with complementary quotes introducing each section of the book.


About the Author

Sophie de Roumanie
SdeR France
Fine Art landscape and nature photographer Sophie de Roumanie captures, for the most part, the beauty and light of Brittany in France. She does not however exclude shoots in other parts of Europe to which she has travelled, and which she presents on her website: She won 1st place in an online photography contest called 'West of Paris" in May 2011. In the same year, she won the Public's Favourite vote in her category during her first photographic exhibition in Brittany, at the Château in the Domaine de Tronjoly.

Comments (4)


Sennacharib says

Sophie is one of the outstanding Fine Art Photography talents of our time and this book reflects that. Her compositions and attention to detail are excellent, this is a must have book for your coffee table!

posted at 01:20am Sep 23 PST


mabelmagoo says

Stunning images. You have a wonderful eye. Congratulations on completing a perfect book!

posted at 12:47pm Dec 12 PST


Gourgandise says

Beautiful photos!
May I ask you what is your camera?

posted at 09:20am Nov 09 PST


banner2 says

this book is extraordinary! The photos are beautiful, and you feel like you are right there within the scenery!!! Well done Sophie! I highly recommended anyone to buy this book. It makes for an excellent conversational piece and a wonderful coffee table book!

posted at 08:41am Nov 06 PST

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