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A year out & about
After waking up one Saturday back in 2007, we decided to start saving to go travelling. After 12 months of hard saving living in a pokey one bedroom flat in Stoke Newington we finally had the cash and tickets to venture out via Heathrow.
This book documents the 11 months of our adventure from a Captain Jack Sparrow tuk tuk driver in Cambodia to a quality Kevin Keegan story in India.


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Bruce Smith
Bruce1980 London

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Bruce1980 says

Hi there,

Thanks for the nice feedback. The book was designed in Indesign using a quite detailed grid. Helps when you want to break the rules and have abit of fun with different page layouts.

posted at 03:54am Nov 10 PST


kiwitania says

Fantastic journey. I really like the lay out and you have mastered the art of photo spreading! Do you do the normal technique or something special?

posted at 02:24pm Nov 09 PST


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