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About the book:
Le Mont St Michel, that's one of the most visited landmarks in France and Europe; a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The slim silhouette of the abbey has been firmly set into people’s collective consciousness – every photo possible of the abbey seems to have already been taken.

Really, every?

Here the photographer attempts within a few days of photo shooting to break away from familiar postcard views and create his own images. Through influences including early Japanese painters such as Hokusai and Hiroshige or photographers like Ernst Haas and Eberhard Grames, large, uncluttered spaces and sometimes closely cropped images are created with extreme light-dark contrasts, sometimes reduced to details – with ever-new variations and views of Mont Saint Michel.

The photos are intentionally reduced to the essential – even the colors. Through the monochrome duotone technique and printing on precious Baryta paper (exhibition prints only - not book), near-meditative visual classics are created which give the observer enormous freedom: colors can emerge in the mind, the gaze can wander, the intellect can interpret.

The individual freedom of “prolong seeing” an image that one actually believed to have known …

This book includes this short introduction in German, English and French language - all the other pages are filled with large format images shot night and day in April 2010.

Annelie Bayer did a lot of postproduction, e.g. partially in micro contrasts and monochrome details.

This is the small budget "Pocket Edition" - just check the premium edition in my bookshop!


About the Author

Frank Seifert
frankseifert Darmstadt, Germany
• born 1959 in Bayreuth, Germany • starting photography business in 1997 • arts, architecture, people and travel photography • digital equipment, post-production • several awards and acknowledgements • international corporate and editorial clients

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