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If you're looking for a quick-read handbook that takes the diversity discussion to a higher level - a strategic level - then 10 Leadership Strategies for Sustainable Diversity may be just what you've been waiting for.

Written specifically for directors, top leadership and managers in the business, public and nonprofit sectors in language they clearly understand, it addresses the questions of why organizations should take diversity seriously, and how to build a sustainable and profitable diversity model based on your current organizational strategies.


About the Author

Gary Baker
POWERof10 Stockholm, Sweden
The POWER OF 10 Diversity Management Series is a set of three get-to-the-point handbooks designed to to take the mystique and academics out of the diversity discussion - in a quickly read 10-step format that is respectful of the time demands on busy people. Each handbook looks at diversity from a different perspective of organizational development, and is relevant to leaders and managers of companies, government agencies and nonprofit/NGO organizations.

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