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Beautiful light, interesting shapes and frames.
Crazy or exciting situations or a "sur-place".

Humor of course. And surely respect.
Let's keep it "pleasant".
Still something must happen: contact, emotion...

Yes, wide-angles. For a long time my Nikon standardlens was a 24mm.

But times have changed.
Wide-angle can be close by and means you may be asking for a punch on your nose...

Always adventure.
And the kick of the peeping Tom.

And 40 years of passion...

This is the english version of a selection of 40 years photography, between 1968 and 2007, as a photojournalist and "streetphotographer" in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and some other countries like Belgium, France, the Mediterranean and the Middle-East.

Half B&W, half color.
Table of contents with who, what, where and when at the back.


About the Author

Dutch J den Hollander
dutchjdh Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Photographer & moviemaker for 40+ years

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