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A collection of drawings, paintings and prints created between 2002 and the present.


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Bill Murphy
billmurphy77 Staten Island, New York

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barb1012 says

Bill Murphy is a wonderful artist and his newest book clearly shows this.
Open the book to any page and you will see what distinguishes the casual observer from someone with an artistic perspective - and artistic talent. Seemingly commonplace scenes become a tapestry of details that connect the legacy of the past to our current lives. Marcel Proust explored time, space and memory in "Rememberance of Things Past." Bill Murphy treats the same themes, but he uses pen and paintbush to create memories and feelings and moods.
In interest of full disclosure, I have bought several works of art from Mr. Murphy, so I am obviously a fan. The common denominator of these purchases is that they are all very evocative. They speak to me - whether because of the subject matter, the unique perspective of the artist showing me things I would have otherwise missed, or as a trigger for an emotional reaction.
I highly recommend this book.
Norm C.

posted at 06:22pm Dec 03 PST


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