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Beauty provokes and evokes. In our daily routines, we are constantly bombarded with images attempting to lure us toward a lifestyle , a product or a particular way of being. The technique is obvious and simplistic yet we succumb to the lure of a glance and are often eager to project ourselves into a different time and place. We fall victim to the subtle gesture or the not so subtle beckoning glance. We immerse ourselves in the endless fantasies of youth while avoiding the less enticing alternatives of maturity and reason. From where does this power emanate?

These images seek to delve deeper into the mystery of what we deem beautiful by various means...the juxtaposition of the beautiful and the ordinary, the combination of beauty and youth to provoke or convince, the geometry created by both youth and maturity and the ephemeral observation of the bolder colors of beauty and sexuality. It is an attempt to suspend the commercial and reveal the underlying themes of loneliness, yearning, fragility and decay.


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Michael Honegger
mhonegger Paris, France

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jrollinger says

Nice work Michael! I enjoyed the charged duality between human and the environment. Very complete and resolved visual statement.

posted at 10:38am Nov 09 PST


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