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About the Project - a note from the Author

Old are the times when a Photographer needed to wait for inspiration and learn from the masters the art of Photography. 21st Century and Technology have brought democracy to the use of Photography and while the masters will be always a source to learn, now they are not the only source of knowledge but one of the many.

Social Networks like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, have opened a channel of exposure for each one of us that are willing to share with the world our experiences, our perspectives and our points of views framed.

Social Networks allow us to share immediately projects, make them collaborative, interactive, social network and the Internet itself allow us to do wonders. This project was all about that.

Each member of Alatryste - Photography or their friends posted an idea they wanted translated into a Photography, then I had to either look in my portfolio or create an image for the challenge. That was it, as simple and as beautiful as it seems. Thank you all for helping me during the whole process!.

The altruist part was to decide how to invest part of the profit to give back to the world we live in.

I decided to give half of the profit earned with this book to Greenpeace. I hope that makes somewhat a difference,

Difficult times help to bring new ideas, you know, little by little.

You can find more information at:

I hope you enjoy the results, Thanks for buying a part of me :)
Alatryste, October, 2010


About the Author

Alatryste Lisbon, Portugal

21st Century Photography is technology and personal feelings applied to the production of still images and video for distribution and acknowledgment of anything. This century is all about dynamic content and free ideas from all sort of information sources.

My scope is to capture that river of information in my Photography journal.

I have worked with:

Yukina -
Melted -
Annoying Cloud -
PTConnection -

I’m inspired by:

Richard Avedon
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Fernando Pessoa
Arturo Perez Reverte
Tadeu Glowacki
Thomas Hawk
Robert Capa
Anton Corbjin
Magnum Photos
National Geographic
Chris Cunningham
Rob Sheridan

You can find me at:

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oberlus says

I love the idea Joki, it's very you :)

posted at 04:26am Nov 16 PST


Alatryste says

Glad you like it! Thanks a lot!

posted at 10:24am Nov 10 PST


pedronolas says

Gorgeous, thank you Juan, i will buy it.

posted at 08:45am Nov 10 PST


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