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If you’re someone who sits in the airport or at the mall observing the people as they pass, sharing a split-second in time and space, you’re a people-watcher. If you’re a people-watcher, you’ll connect immediately to the concept of this book.

Michael Nelson’s photographs are much like these momentary sightings in the airport or the mall. He captures people or things that are simply stopped in time, begging for the blank that is the past to be filled in or the future to be predicted.

Michael asked writer Chuck Holmes to look at some images, and then write someting about each one based on what he saw. As Chuck says, "The small stories here make no more claim to literary value than they do accuracy. They are what comes from staring at a picture and wondering."


About the Author

Michael Nelson Studio
MNS Atlanta

Michael has been photographing for over 20 years, using the camera to narrate his vision of the people and the world around him. As a lieutenant Firefighter/EMT he experienced babies taking their first breaths in his arms as well others taking their last.

When he left the fire services to pursue photography, he found that he prefers to celebrate life in his images. Whether for himself or a client, he captures the beauty, the grace, the sensuality, the serenity, the joy and the humor in the faces and places he encounters.

Michael’s only fear is mediocrity, and his approach to life and work is the same — full of humor, spontaneity, and passion.

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