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Mike Lynaugh has once again set out on a journey of over 6,000 miles capturing images of some of America’s greatest aviators. This year Mike’s travels brought him up and down the East Coast and to some of the premiere aviation events in this part of the globe.

This book is a visual diary of the places Mike has traveled to, and the people he has met over this past year. The pages enclosed within capture the spirit of aviators past and present who have demonstrated their skills in pushing the limits of both their aircraft, and human endurance.

For over a century, aviators have taken to the skies to showcase their mastery, entertain those who share a fascination of flight, and to defend our freedom over battlefields far from home.

This book is intended to be an extension of that passion of flight. Please take a look back through the past year and relive the memories as seen through Mike’s eyes.


About the Author

Mike Lynaugh
mikelynaugh Akron, OH USA
From 2001 - 2005, Mike lived in Washington, D.C and photographed some of the most powerful people in the world as a photojournalist covering events at the White House, Pentagon on Capitol Hill. He has been a witness to history, and privileged to be able to record it through his lens. Mike currently lives in Akron, Ohio with his wife Kristie where he freelances for multiple news organizations. Mike is a credentialed photojournalist and an active member of the White House News Photographers Association.

Comments (6)


mikelynaugh says

Thank you very much Jon. I'll go check yours out right now!

posted at 01:55pm Aug 13 PST


hightrainman says

Cosmic photography. Top draw stuff. I specifically liked the human element.
Jon Grainge
Would appreciate your comments on mine!

posted at 01:44pm Aug 13 PST


mikelynaugh says


I'm sorry I just saw you posted again. Thank you again and thank you for your friend request over on ASB! I look forward to seeing what you do this upcoming season!


posted at 09:18pm Feb 18 PST


Rmanmill says

I remember now seeing your cover photo on an ASB buzzworthy blog that I posted a couple of my photos. It was for a special project they were doing. I just sent you a friend request on ASB. I was on blurb creating my own book and I was looking for other aviation books. Yours really stands out from the rest.

posted at 06:46pm Jan 28 PST


mikelynaugh says

Eric, thank you very much for your compliments and comment. I had an amazing year and yeah the book was a ton of work but it is so much fun looking back and reliving those moments. The homecomings are incredible and it's a huge honor to be asked to photograph them. I actually was at another one on December 16th, it was too late to include in the 2010 book, however it will be the beginning on my 2011 volume. Thanks again for the compliments, I really appreciate it.

posted at 08:47pm Jan 22 PST


Rmanmill says

Hi Mike,
Incredible book! I can appreciate all the of time and effort that went into putting it together. You have a great eye. I really liked the homecoming photos.
-Eric Miller

posted at 07:03pm Jan 22 PST

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