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a collection of acrylic and watercolor paintings done from april to december 2007


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al vargas
al.vargas Maryland, USA

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danzelfard says

heloo mr. vargas,

I love your artbook 1, that "Lighthouse" on the cover is a great painting on easel...great painting! Me & my wife have been very indulged on doing pottery art on bowls for sideline. what we do in our business, we would sell one bowl for 125.00, it's like selling a page of your gallery book for that price or even higher. Art is great, Al. We consider art as a hobby at first, then friends suggested that why don't we go in public as you do. from then on, we begun making a little income based on our pottery art. hoping you do the same in the future & we're wishing you good luck on your own venture!

danzel & farrah

posted at 01:14pm Mar 07 PST


paulyanniz90 says

mr vargas, hi there!

i an avid fine arts fan, how are you doing? i love your books, i have no favoritism. one is 40, the other 77. you have done a great job completing all your work to the end. thanks for putting your work out in public, i might tell friends and help you promote your art. keep going, hoping we see more of you in the near future.

paul y.

posted at 11:30am Mar 07 PST

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