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Religion is a disease that has repressed and retarded learning, knowledge, education and the betterment of humanity for more than four thousand years. Jack Kolinski wants you to help him find a "cure" before religion does any more damage to our children and grandchildren. Religion claims the Devil's greatest trick was convincing us he does not exist. Jack responds that the devil, an imaginary being without existence, much less any power over us, is quite literally "nothing" and has done nothing, especially when compared to the murder, genocide, witch-hunts, crusades and repression of knowledge and science religion---a "real" institution with an imaginary friend telling it how to proceed--has perpetrated on humanity as part of its colossal fraud. "Do exactly what we tell you and give us LOTS of your money and don't worry about improving your miserable lives here on Earth because after you die, if and ONLY IF, you do what we tell you, you will get to stare at god for all eternity." Such a deal!
Religion has been dying slowly but surely for the past three hundred years but it is no longer acceptable to allow it to pretend it still has relevance in the modern world. It does not but as a self-sustaining multi-billion dollar industry it will not go away quietly or any more quickly than we demand of it. It is time to "make your dissent known." It is time to take a stand for knowledge and against ignorance and superstition masquerading as something noble and ennobling when religion and god-myths have not an ounce of relevance, integrity, concern for humanity or any other positive attributes.
Did I mention how funny this book is? Buy it just for the humor content and you will not be disappointed. You may also realize there is a vibrant, life-affirming, life-loving atheist within you yearning to breathe freely without the smog and rancid, putrified stench of religion and the god-myth. The life you save and liberate may be not just your own, but your children's and their children's and their children's. Once you free yourself from the debilitating fog and silliness of the supernatural, you will want to free as many others similarly situated as you are able. How To Cure Religion will help you to free others just as you freed yourself. MAKE YOUR DISSENT KNOWN!


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Jack Kolinski
jackkolinski The Villages, Florida, USA

The best way to learn "who I am" is to read my self-published memoir, Baker's Dozen. "TMI!" I agree. Short of that I am a retired civil trial attorney; the seventh of thirteen children raised in a "good Catholic" family; a proud husband and father of four beautiful daughters, six gorgeous grandchildren (with number seven on the way as this is being written); author of The Bible (According to Jack) Part I The Old Testament and Part II The New Testament, sincere, humorous and long overdue re-writes of the bible (see excerpts at; and a dedicated atheist who refuses to accept another hundred years of superstition and ignorance masquerading as religion and "faith." How To Cure Religion (With No Adverse Side Effects) is my gift to humanity, my effort to "pay forward" all of the goodness, love, education and knowledge bestowed on me by my parents, siblings, friends, daughters and freethinkers dating back to Epicurus and extending through Robert Ingersoll and Carl Sagan. Enjoy!

Publish Date  November 19, 2010

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