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Releasing the PAIN, will walk "YOU" through the "Healing Pathway" of POWER..., AFFIRMATION..., INTELLIGENT..., and the sharing of personal NOTES as one come to understand..., Forgiveness is more powerful than dying in pain.


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BeautifyingHEARTS Ross
BeautifyLOVE DeSoto, Texas, USA

Enjoy the coming together of "LOVE" and "UNITY" !!!

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BeautifyingH says

I was a Victim of my own VICTIMIZATION. I infected and re-infected myself over and over again. I unknowingly gave life to my pain, by picking at the unhealed, unresolved and tender areas of my life. My focus was always on assigning blame, for my 'poor me'..., woes. I was always the victim of choices beyond my control. I never asked for what life had dealt me..., and no one EVER even asked me. So to wallow in my bitterness..., my self-pity and my claim to embracing "The Victimization Role", I was hurting internally, but down played it to..., I'm cool, until the Holy Spirit lead me to "The Potter's House". It was there that Bishop preached "Forever The Victim..., I Don't Think So..." !!!

Oh..., my GOD !!!

I was under arrest !!!

I was CONVICTED to see the part I played in the poor choices I made for my life. I was taught, that GOD loves me more than I knew how to love myself. I was taught, the power to decide was in my choices and no one could make my choices for me. I was taught, that GOD has a plan for my life and I am the only one who can fulfill my GOD-given purpose. I was taught, the importance of aligning my life up with the word of GOD. I was taught, when GOD has a call on "YOUR" life, the best choice to make is to SURRENDER !!!

To surrender in spirituality and religion means that a believer completely gives up his own will and subjects his thoughts, ideas, and deeds to the will and teachings of a higher power.

I surrender my life to Christ !!!

posted at 08:03pm Oct 23 PST


BeautifyLOVE says

Do "YOU" really understand the detriment of ANGER ???

posted at 12:50am Feb 25 PST


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