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Writing Passport has been a journey back to my roots of growing up in New Jersey. Ok, all the New Yorkers can stop snickering now. This took me back to my culinary beginnings and my love affair with food from all over the world!
Many times during this stroll down memory lane I found myself caught up in many emotions; some good, some bad, but that’s what is so powerful about food. It really stirs memories and emotions.

HUNGRY? Beau Beauchamp, former executive chef, present cookbook writer and aspiring food archeologist is here to inspire and entice you! Beau resides in Louisville, Kentucky with his spectacular, supportive and breathtakingly beautiful wife of fourteen years, Amy and their three children: twelve year old Lexie, seven year old Saul and four year old Roman. In addition to rediscovering and reworking delicious recipes with his “funky flair,” Beau is also a stay at home dad, house keeper, counselor, bookkeeper, chief cook and bottle washer, laundry man, referee, nurse, teacher, storyteller and monster expeller!

Many of the dishes in this collection have the ability to induce a Funky Foodgasm. This occurs when you are eating a particularly tasty, exotic, erotic and enticing food. You get so excited while eating that your taste buds explode resulting in a Funky Foodgasm. Some outward signs of reaching this state of bliss may include:

1. A sudden and inexplicable weakness in the knees

2. Eyes rolling back in head, moaning, uncontrolled outbursts of satisfaction and belt-loosening indulgences,
3. Tastes so exquisite you have to take breaks between bites to keep from overwhelming your system from gustatory pleasure

Funky Foodgasm is a provocative term used for Beau’s foods boasting a high content of flavor and fun. They are exotic and erotic dishes that arouse a desire to eat, drink and love.

These recipes are a glorification of food as an aphrodisiac for love. Funky Foodgasm: a noticeable visual stimulation accompanied by an uncontrolled wetness in your mouth and sweat oozing from your pores. When this occurs, you must cook the recipe right away, eat and repeat!

And don't forget to share! Pleasure is best enjoyed when shared.


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Publish Date  November 24, 2010

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