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A history of this book is very simple. Two years ago I got a panoramic camera.
I always liked that extended format and I decided to make use of it.
The 16:9 format has been widely used in the film industry for a long time, but
as I see it the photography still tends to the 4:3 format, the golden section
or a square. 
To my mind, the format of a panoramic camera perfectly combines the multidimensional nature of the image and its dynamics. That makes you want
to explore such a photograph from one corner to another. The first panoramic shots that impressed me were the photographs by Joseph Koudelka from his book "Chaos" (2000). That is the world without people though man's presence is felt almost in every frame, the world of chaos and harmony simultaneously. And, of course, Koudelka's choice of panoramic camera for such interpretation of the world was not accidental. 
Unlike this well-known master I am interested in the human world and my personal experiences that I managed to capture in a variety of trips around the Russian province. That format had much in common with my personal idea of the world that surrounded me. After two years I accumulated more than one hundred of negatives from which I chose the most emotional and beautiful ones. 
Although it's a little bit strange but I think these pictures are quite suitable for the book format. I quickly scattered the photos in the album, and as it turned out every photo obtained the right place in the book. I avoided topping pictures although they might look more impressive. I wanted to save the authenticity of the image. And the decision to leave one photograph at the turn seemed to be the right one. There is a feeling of motion when you leaf through the album and one picture follows another. 
A title of the book is "wide-frame eye", and it is not tied to the question what book is about because I did not want to complicate free reading of the image itself. All photographs are black and white since I think that monochrome image gives the ground for the imagination. Photos are not accompanied by a long text with a description of what is happening and it is not by accident too. The image should speak for itself. My words and feelings are expressed with amazing language that everyone understands - the language of photography.


About the Author

Aleksey Myakishev
photomans Russia

I am freelance photographer,live in Moscow,working everywhere.
my biography:
Alexey Miakishev, 38 years old, was born in Kirov (Viatka), worked as a press photographer since 1991 till 1999 in several local Kirov newspapers.
In 1998 in cooperation with German photographer Anneta Freack he participated in the project "Two sights to Viatka" and in the same year exhibited his works in the Art Museum of Kirov and a bit later - in "Nadar" gallery in Germany.
In 1999 he moved to Moscow and becomes a freelance photographer, at the moment he cooperates with several Russian and foreign mass media such as "Russian Newsweek", "Kommersant", " Helsingin Sanomat", "APU","Talouselama" and many others.
In 1996 and 1997 he received a Russian Ministry of Culture grant
In 1998 and 2001 got prizes of "INTERFOTO" for his series about pilgrims and another one about the Northern Urals
In 1999 participated in the exhibition "Generation portrait", organized by "Russkoe Pole" gallery
In 2000 exhibited his wo

Publish Date  November 25, 2010

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Category  Arts & Photography

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Grincat says

Досмотрел до конца. Очень понравилось, Спасибо!

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