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Stormchasing in Arizona is a lot different than in the Midwest. You don't get many supercells, you rarely see you may be wondering where the sport lies in following the monsoon around the desert southwest.

There are two answers to that question. The first is if you are a weather nut, a storm junkie, a lightning-chasing psychopath, then you can chase storms anywhere and have a great time.

Secondly...this is Arizona. The skies are huge, the mountains are magnificent, the terrain varied, the sunsets amazing and the thunderstorms picturesque.

For this photographer, chasing storms in Arizona is less about the severe weather and more about framing the beauty of this state against the fury of the monsoons.

This photo journal is an account of my 2010 stormchasing adventures...a year in which those rarely seen tornadoes actually did come to Arizona.


About the Author

Mike Olbinski
MikeOlbinski Phoenix, AZ
Mike Olbinski is not a meteorologist, but he pretends he is one while watching Storm Chasers religiously every season on the Discovery Channel. A photographer in his spare time, Mike loves capturing the weather on camera as much as humanly possible. He also dabbles in landscapes, architecture, urban exploration and has a growing portrait photography business. He can be contacted by a variety of methods, including the following: 480.220.1604 Follow his work on his blog or keep up with him on Twitter/Facebook.

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Stormchasing Arizona - Arts & Photography photo book
Published December 01, 2012
Stormchasing Arizona - Arts & Photography photo book
Published November 21, 2011

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