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Ink used for digital printing is one of the most precious substances in the world. A single gallon of ink costs over four thousand dollars and this is one reason why digitally printed books are so expensive.
However, the price of a book is not calculated according to the amount of ink used in its production. For example, a Blurb book of blank pages costs an artist as much to produce as a book filled with text or large photographs. Furthermore, as the number of pages increases, the price of each page decreases. A book containing the maximum number of pages printed entirely in black ink therefore results in the lowest cost and maximum value for the artist.
Combining these two features, buyers of The Black Book can do so with the guarantee that they are getting the best possible value for their money.

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About the Author

Jean Keller
jeankeller Paris, France

Publish Date  November 26, 2010

Dimensions  Pocket  440 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Arts & Photography

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notaj says

Tout simplement superbe… ! Combien coûte la vacuité ?

posted at 10:56am Nov 26 PST

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