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Blackland Prairie is a collection of images of Central Texas created between January 2007 and January 2008.

The original photographs were just a starting point. There's been lots of Photoshop processing taking the pictures from objective recordings to a sense of what was felt rather than just seen. The end result is as much about emotion as it is about photography.

The project itself grew out of a deep respect for the people of central Texas and their dreams. This area was populated by hardy pioneers in the late 19th century. They built small towns every 8 or 9 miles along the railroads -- a day's journey out and back to sell their crops. These towns exist today but are struggling to hang on as the railroads become increasingly irrelevant and the new center of population growth is along the interstates. But even as these towns struggle and the population moves away, there are monuments left behind -- the buildings, cemeteries and landscapes.

There isn't a lot to say about the pictures - they were made to be enjoyed rather than described. I didn't actually set out to do this book. I found that I was drawn back to the Blackland Prairie again and again during 2007. The idea for the book came in early 2008.

John Phelps
February 2008


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John Phelps
jphelps2630 Round Rock, TX

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