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I woke up in a cemetery, surrounded by mountains of time. It was
morning..I think. The sky was grey and the sun was doing
something......coming up or going down. It was pleasantly warm and
kind of moist. The sun shined on her skin like golden rivers of lust.
Was it shiny red lipstick or blood? These were not things that
concerned me at the moment.
The gravestone above my head was reading something in the like of:
"R.I.P." I had never seen anything like that before.
Never....not......once. So I got up and began the daily search for
food. (assuming that "day" was still a valid construct.)
Instantly, zombies began sprawling out of the ground in front of
gravestones. I ran as most as I could. The zombies chased me onto the
roof. I was sure they could never climb, or even die trying. The rain
had almost let up and the sun was beginning to wane. I could see the
mirror image of her face in the reflections on the surface of all the
puddles that were created from the vicious rain storm that lasted up to
and including one hour. I felt comfortable for the moment. Although I
know now, that this were my last place I could ever be before I would
either starve to death or something in the like of that.
On the horizon, I saw two young men dressed all in red with 2 smoking
guns each. Each silhouette bold against the sunset with their tails
twitching like a purring cat. The sun went down south, the earth grew
black like a page, and the only noise left was the sound of my own
breath syncopated across the howls of blood thirsty zombies.

-A day in the life of the honor roll


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Amy Smith
beard_and_pi West Sacramento, CA, USA

"It is healthy for a person to know only that which he is supposed to. I can offer the following incident as an example: one person knew a little more, and another a bit less than they were supposed to know. And what happened? The one that knew a bit less got rich, and the one that knew a little more lived his whole life with simply adequate means."

-Daniil Kharms

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