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Brooke Shaden takes us through a maze of enchanting photographic stories while sharing how she created her images as well as her inspiration behind them. From props to locations to concepts, each detail is meticulously planned to bring us countless little worlds. While they come straight from her imagination, they are places that we have all been to in our own minds at one time or another, consciously or subconsciously.

"There are countless worlds that could come alive through photography. There are different ways of looking at every situation. There are ways to turn a disturbing image into something beautiful, and ways to see the remnants of life in death. There are ways to escape into the worlds that we imagine from childhood, and there are ways to live through them, even if only for that brief moment of looking into an image and seeing yourself. These photographic stories are my way of detailing various fears and imaginary worlds that I wish I could escape into. I detail the thoughts behind the images and the ways in which each image contains a unique world, always connected to our reality and yet fundamentally different. In many ways I am less of a photographer and more a creator of worlds. That is what I am constantly striving for. It is the reason I started photography, and the reason I continue to create images." - Brooke Shaden

8X10 inches, 76 pages


About the Author

Brooke Shaden
brookeshaden Los Angeles, CA, USA

Brooke Shaden is a fine art photographer living in Los Angeles.

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rothwell172 says

Truly remarkable work, have seen so many photographers work be inspired by this truly unique artist.

posted at 01:55pm Apr 14 PST


maxnsam says

Very Inspiring Brooke. Very!!

posted at 04:39am Jan 20 PST


bleuvertige says

Un livre d'une grande beauté

posted at 09:29pm Jan 27 PST


ortholino says

very very nice photos and book.
Amazing work

posted at 03:52pm Dec 08 PST


fabiostachi says

Brooke's work is unique, beautiful and exciting ... this book is certainly a great inspiration for any artist.

posted at 07:25pm Nov 30 PST


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