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While diving in the South Pacific waters off of the Solomon Islands, I was entertained by the colorful circus of life beneath the sea.

The undersea sounds of Parrotfish munching on coral and menacingly huge Napoleanfish eating mollusks combined artfully with the multitude of living colors dancing past my eyes. As with any circus, the performances were linked together by the clowns.

This book is my tribute to the clowns, those brightly colored Damselfishes of the reef that capture one's attention and often make us giggle with delight.


About the Author

George Quiroga
George Quiroga has been involved with photography in one form or another since he first saw an image develop in his father's darkroom at the age of four. Photography is the way that captures how George views his life and the surroundings that make his world complete. He considers himself a freelance artist that uses photography as his primary medium and relishes that freedom to explore his vision without bounds. Major influences on his vision include his father's optimistic outlook of life and poetic artistry combined with his mother's talent for painting. George chooses subjects that signify beauty both in the natural world or man-made. George resides in South Florida but has traveled to interesting places in the world in search of inspiration, new experiences, and a unique image or two.

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