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As a young Christian adult myself, I feel that faith, is above all, even rarer in the young people of England today. As our society becomes ever more multicultural, faith and religion becomes more frequently questioned, especially as media influence is heavy and freedom and individuality are encouraged. Many people are born into their parent’s religion and often it isn’t really until you move out or leave home for university, as a young adult, that your faith really becomes your own. Frequently it goes one way or the other, some continue to follow it and become stronger in their faith, but others leave their religion altogether and completely abandon their faith. So I feel it important to document those rare young adults, who strongly hold a Christian faith.

A significant amount of photography on Christianity and religion, I feel, misrepresents Christians and the Christian faith. Much of it seems to portray or emphasise how different their way of life is from what is portrayed as ‘normal’ and give the images a strong representation of ‘holiness’, ‘perfection’ or ‘religiousness’. It makes Christians out to be an ‘other’. I think this greatly corresponds to the general conception today by Non-Christians, causing major misconceptions. From the way it is seen from history to how it is portrayed in the media today, many people have got the wrong idea about it, aren’t familiar with it, or simply don’t understand it.


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Megan Friday
FridayXcore Portsmouth, UK

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Zoobin says

This book is well presented and visually striking, is obviously filled with her passion as is evdident from her work.

Worth every penny!

posted at 03:16pm Feb 01 PST


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