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The decision to produce this catalogue came about after my experience with the technology behind the collection. It’s amazing what has transpired in image capture and manipulation with what has become an everyday device — the camera phone. And, it’s not only the photos captured, but the immediacy in which they are allowed to be exhibited. Via social media the photographer and their audience are allowed an immediate dialogue. The image is shared as a joke, or statement, or question and becomes a catalyst for conversation. With iPhone in hand, equipped with a collection of photo processing applications, this artist quickly recorded situations, captured moments and framed found objects to share with his friends on Facebook. What is compiled is this micro-documentary artifact of conversations and expressions that began with an image. Most images sparked kind
remarks, witty quips and in some cases, fell on deaf ears, or closed eyes as the case may be. Mobile Upload documents this new and dynamic dialogue.


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Creativille, Inc.

Steve Hartman is a Creative Director in St. Louis, MO and a former National Board member of AIGA, The Professional Association of Design. Steve has designed many books, mainly historical titles and recently began publishing companion sketch and log books for sale on Blurb. His newest book, Mobile Upload: Beginning Dialogue with Image in now available.

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