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“The Erotic View”

Over 400 images and writings of Shane Deruise. Deruise finds a fresh approach to erotica and sexuality through an examination of human nature and the fault lines of female emotional tensions. To put it succinctly, Deruise “is less generous and more aggressive in this era of his body of work.” At the heart of Deruise’s photographic urges are the exquisite tension between the fear of intimacy and the yearning for acceptance, as well as the desire to create art. Deruise’s vision is a unique marriage between life and lust.

From the Artist:
You ask me sarcastically what my work is, I work to build my soul. I work to glance under the skirt of the world. The lacerated lines aren't congruous anymore; too plain to be veins, and all the pretty things we bought her, and all the dirty things we've saved. The wet, nightmarish things. Breathing on our hips, or gripping knuckles down your pants. Stomach knots tightening nylon knots, and your cup is spilling over. I have learned how to dutifully untie those old knots, to exchange one for another, sewing images around a so-called waist, a garter; not for your body, but for your soul.

by Shane Deruise.
Keepsake Publishing, NC2010. 200 pages, numerous color and black-and-white photographs & memoirs, 8x10".


About the Author

Shane Deruise
deruise Raleigh, NC, USA
Shane Deruise (The Artist as Words) I used to take photographs about my environment, objects, myself, and friends. Those images never felt close to me, though, there is a strange thing about being shunned, and misunderstood… never feeling at home. After searching for many years, and losing a lot of what I lived for, I realized what I want my work to encompass. Now I take pictures of gender, the human condition, and trauma. The human condition is growth and decay. I am searching out beauty within the grotesque. We are not all the same, people’s physicality has inspired me to confront the everyday sense of normalcy and decency. If intimacy wasn’t such a confining word… for me it may be represented as substance; emotional, sexual, and hideous.

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