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In May, 2010, photographer Doug Klesch embarked on the first of a series of road trips around the United States seeking to photograph 99 strangers and ask them two simple questions:

How did you come to live here?
Why do you stay?

This book, as part of "The 99 Americans Project", contains some of the answers given by the people Klesch encountered as well as the portraits he made of the participants.

"Why They're There" is the beginning step of an ongoing personal project that may change how you see your country, and the people who live in it.

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Doug Klesch

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dklesch says

Thank you both for your comments! I appreciate you taking the time to leave feedback!

posted at 01:47pm Jan 10 PST


FrankieZing says

Hi, I saw your book on the Blurb Facebook page and very much admired the photographs and quotes inside. The quotes seem just the right length and I like the space and margins around your photos. However, since I liked it so much I thought I'd take a moment to share a bit of feedback that I felt the cover and first few page (before the first portrait) weren't as good. Quite a lot of different typefaces. And with the three photos on the front and 'why they're there' I kind of thought it said 'why we are three' on a skim reading. Why three pics? The rest is so lovely and simple. Hope you don't mind and appreciate the feedback : )

posted at 10:50am Jan 10 PST


cherylrobert says

This is a wonderful book !! Took a ton of faith and courage to embark on this project. Thanks for shining a light on average people. Keep up the great work !

posted at 05:37pm Jan 08 PST


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