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The time period from the Big Bang (13.9 Billion Yrs. ago) to the Sun bursting into being (5 Billion Yrs. ago) is covered in Volume I of The Mysterious Everything.

"Energy, the mysterious everything, revealed in rhythm and pattern. This divine energy is changing, renewing, and dancing within the evolving nature of itself. Therefore the Divine is with us and a part of us rather than an external force." These ideas and thoughts are expressed by Diarmuid O' Murchu, a priest and social psychologist.

This book combines solid science and technology with sacred tradition and art. Seen through a lens expressing subjectivity, divirsity, and community. We are all one, everything living and non living, came from stardust. How amazing!


About the Author

Sheila Magyar
bludiva Michigan
Sheila Magyar Author and Editor After attending master classes in theology from Marygrove College, Sheila became interested in the soulfulness and nascent ideas surrounding spirituality and theology experienced through her lens of technology and business systems. She continued her studies at Holy Names University, Sophia Center in Oakland, California. At Sophia Center, she immersed her self in Thomas Berry's vision of The Great Work of Our Time. She considers her self a soulful learner, one who tries to see the unknown and mystery at work in our lives. She has recently graduated with a Masters in Culture and Spirituality from Holy Names University's Sophia Center. The Mysterious Everything was her final master's project, prompted by the awe inspiring awakening to the beauty and science of the Universe. She lives in Michigan where she is active with her community and grandchildren. Currently she's working on the second volume of the Mysterious Everything; Life on Planet Earth.

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