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From time to time, we look around us never really noticing anything. We see, but we do not feel. What is beautiful? What is not? Sometimes, the most beautiful things you see are on your destination unknown. This book is about the journey we as humans take, our careful observation of the world, and all the wonderful things that encompass our being. We have our ups, we have our downs, and the moods expressed within this book are meant to represent that. This is a personal book, as well as a photography book, with an underlying story firmly held throughout. A story, that exists soley on another plain. To know beautiful, is to know Jovan Sotelo and I welcome you, to a journey across the landscape of my mind.


About the Author

Jovan Sotelo
jovy2000 Las Vegas
Growing up in las vegas, i've always longed for something better. In 2007, I found a creative outlet that allowed me to let my emotions run wild, that outlet being photography. I bought my first SLR (Nikon D-40), and I fell in love. I was snapping pictures of everyone and everything, and in the summer of 08' I released my first book of photography called, "Inspiration Street" which was a book about the things, places, and people that inspire me. Using photos taken from around my plain, I compiled a piece of photography and words that my family, and friends loved. Flashing forward to 2009, I made a drastic change in the way I wanted my photography to be looked at, so I started working on a project called, "Exit" which was the light of my eye. "Exit" tells the story of everyday people bound to an idea, and how their lives play out. Combined with photography, it was one of the challenging things i've ever worked on. Thank you for stopping by my page. Hopefully your time wasn't wasted.

Publish Date  December 11, 2010

Dimensions  Large Format Landscape  288 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Arts & Photography

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