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Wide Open is a collection of panoramic pictures which explore the versatility of the Holga and the DianaF+ cameras.

These "Toy" cameras allow the user to create these extended images by winding on as much or as little as you need, the vertical banding that is visible is a result of the overlapping and therefore overexposure of parts of the frame, adding to the distinctive look of the images.

These images have been taken over the last few years and in a number of countries.

Remember the preview only shows you 45 spreads, there are so many more great images to discover!


About the Author

Ky Lewis
kylewis1 London, United Kingdom.
I am a Krappy plastic camera lover, expired film, 110mm, 35mm or 120 and instant, anything that allows me to make tasty looking images. A lot of my cameras are also lomo and multiple exposures or multiframed is also a passion. I'm a full time mother of three fitting in a little bit of creativity around all the mundane things in life. I would say I'm an amateur photographer who has been lucky to exhibit , sell and have worked published in print and online, Some of the work is held privately and in photo collections. I prefer a more experimental approach to image making and choose to use toycameras, vintage cameras and pinholes, the latter are often homemade. I use expired film and a lot of this may be cross processed as well. Thank you for taking the time to look at my books, you may also find me on a search under kylewis!

Comments (5)


vintageman says

I love this vintage style photography.In an era where almost anyone can buy a digital camera and call himself photographer its very nice too see unique works like yours.

posted at 03:29am Feb 08 PST


mapgirl says

The overall impression is one of delicate, almost ephemeral images which have been presented thoughtfully, contributing to the atmosphere of the project.
No doubt this type of camera is ideal for this approach to photography but it still relies on the imagination of the photographer to achieve this result.

posted at 03:39am Jan 06 PST


johnx4 says

Dream like and evocative of one's own past. A beautifully presented book

posted at 03:25am Jan 04 PST


blurfactory says

Again a beautiful and good presented photo book with fascinating panorama compositions from various countries.
Toy camera panorama pictures have something special, due to the overlap and not that smooth instant perfection from today's digital camera's, but patience and hard to make. With that charming imperfection that belongs to the toy camera.
I can see that Ky Lewis enjoys toycam photographing. The book is a true inspiration and a must have.

posted at 02:44pm Dec 30 PST


wolf391 says

Wow!! Very nice work. I have tried to do this, but was not very successful.Great job - Kurt

posted at 07:03pm Dec 23 PST

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