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Inspired by The Family of Man, this collection illuminates threads of our shared humanity. Our need for food, shelter and love are common to all of us. How we live and meet those needs makes each tribe and culture unique. However world travel isn't required to find authentic and interesting people! Look carefully.

These photographs reveal my perspective through the choice of subjects I photograph. It is not uncommon to first notice all that separates us. I saw many varieties of dress, food, language and culture as I made these images. I instinctively compared my values and culture to the gracious and hospitable people I encountered. After getting beyond the differences I saw what we shared. Through my viewfinder I got a glimpse of myself as I photographed this amazing variety of humanity.

It is my hope that you will see things that challenge you to reflect on your values and the world we live in. May you observe and see anew your family, friends and community.

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About the Author

Global Village Studio
GlobalVillag 1369 Copper Run Boulevard, Lexington KY 40514

Telling stories through our photography nourishes community.

John Lynner Peterson learned from his father the fascinating experience photography provides. His dad photographed John as a baby, developed and printed the images.

The adventure in photography began!

John grew up in Clarkfield, Minnesota. Following graduation from St. Olaf College, John traveled the globe with an extended stop in Papua New Guinea. Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand followed. In 1972, John took a bus trip from Kathmandu to London! India, Pakistan and the Kyhber Pass were stops on this journey which continued on to Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey.

He earned graduate degrees in communication and theology for a career in radio, television and marketing.

John and wife Brenda live in Lexington Kentucky where he is a professional photographer and operates Global Village Studio.

We are a full service photography studio with significant national and international experience.

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