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This is a book of my photographs that have sparked narratives and uncovered stories. As is true with my writing, I'm not interested in capturing only the pretty or the awe-inspiring. I'm not interested in self portraits that show me always at my best or pictures of other people that they would put in their school yearbook. What I look for is motion, color, transitory moments; I want to uncover the blood and the guts, the trash, and the paint underneath the paint. I want to see the sting, the opening, the flight, and the dreams that live and die just beyond our sight. I want to revel in the minutiae, the detritus, the flecks of light that catch us, and follow the eye where it goes when we're not thinking too much about it. I want to find the humor, the daily irreverence, and the jubilation of daily life.

Just like my writing, my photographs come straight from the jugular.


About the Author

Angelina Williamson
I have had two vocations in my life: writing and design. After many years working in the design field I am now working on the second draft of my first novel, but I make my living working for an online ad network. I write two blogs and writing online has inspired in me a renewed love for photography which not only punctuates posts and articles but actually inspires them.

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