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"Feliz Paloma has a wonderful way of bringing something different to nude photography. He is able to bring out a very personal sense of intimacy with his models, something that allows the viewer to connect in a special feel involved. Sometimes quite erotic, and other times boldly innovative (but best of all are the times when the two are combined), Feliz Paloma's work is delicious and inspiring!"

In this book: 21 unique models, 189 images, all carefully processed to high quality standards. 12 model statements.

**Hardcover dust jacket edition includes additional images and artist statement.
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Hardcover only - $75
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About the Author

Feliz Paloma González
tanguero here and there...
Photography of the naked body does not have to be pornographic. It can be artful, celebratory, and reverential.

 My process begins with the straightforward appreciation of the human body, first from a primal place, then adding layers of geometry and personality. I hope to go beneath the surface of skin. Not only glorifying the body, but also the complex dance of personality, particular time and place, mood, light. My models are not static objects, but collaborators. Spontaneity and improvisation are the way, an openness to possibilities.

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SemperNovus says


SemperNovus (Chris) here from Flickr. I think your book will be my first Blurb purchase ever. Now you've got my gears turning about making a book. Fantastic man, absolutely fantastic.

posted at 10:21am Dec 29 PST

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