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Reflections are the stuff of fantasy. They are fleeting moments in time which drift in and out of our field of vision wherever we go. In the city, they are ever more prevalent, constantly bombarding our visual sense with information of every kind; colours, numbers, letters, light and shadow, bodies, objects, neon signs, adverts and minutia of every kind.
I have developed a fascination for reflections bordering on the obsessive, and look for them everywhere I go. I believe they are a window into a world full of alternatives, full of odd combinations of things that would otherwise never be allowed to exist. I hope this book will also tempt you to discover this alternative world for yourself next time you are out on the town!


About the Author

Andrew Parker
Psychodudu Oslo, Norway

I am an enthusiastic and passionate photographer. An Englishman living in Oslo, Norway I'm hoping to carve myself a career out of what started out as a hobby, but realise that it will take more than pretty photos to do so!. Anyway, the images in these collections are eclectic, often abstract, and no particular style can be seen to be emerging quite yet. I'm just enjoying myself immensely in this new-found life's passion. My greatest love is concert photography, and promotional photography for bands/artists, but I lend my hand to any genre and will always jump at the chance to use my camera regardless the challenge.

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