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Words are great, but some messages are hard to communicate with words alone. That's why we need visual explanations—charts, figures, diagrams.

This workbook inspires all writers to create better visual explanations and shares practical techniques you can apply right away—even if you think you can't draw.

The workbook includes many exercises you can use to practice new skills and build confidence. You'll get to take a close look at
* Which topics deserve visual explanations
* How to determine if you have visual literacy
* How to create and use building blocks
* What process to use to build effective visual explanations
* Classic structures to help you tell stories
* Common mistakes to avoid
* How to collaborate with designers
and more about creating napkin sketches and refining sketches to share ideas with other people.

Developed to support Don's workshop for writers, presented at the annual conference of the Society for Technical Communication. This is the expanded second edition.


About the Author

Don Moyer
Foglifter Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Don Moyer is a writer and designer who enjoys helping businesses communicate important ideas by making messages visible. A founder of the firm ThoughtForm Inc., Don and his teammates provide design solutions to Fortune 500 companies and smaller enterprises. Don is a big fan of self-inflicted projects. Intrigued by the idea of teaching business lessons visually, for six years, Don wrote and designed Panel Discussion, a monthly column for Harvard Business Review. Don received degrees from the Philadelphia College of Art (now the University of the Arts) and Yale University. He speaks frequently to students and professional groups about the power of visual explanations. Don was honored as an AIGA Fellow (2008) and recipient of the Silver Star Alumni Award from the University of the Arts. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife, the amazing Karen. You can glimpse his sketchbooks and current projects on Flickr.

Publish Date  December 29, 2010

Dimensions  Pocket  172 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Education

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strikethru says

This book is a thorough and fun how-to manual on getting started with basic infographics and/or visual writing - a much more actionable book than Dan Roam's "Back of the Napkin" (which is more of a theory book than a practical guide). Don Moyer's book shows you how to draw basic icons, how and why to choose and apply a structure to ideas, and provides many relevant samples. Plus, it's just fun.

posted at 09:05pm Jun 21 PST


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