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Flint, Michigan is known nationally as a place wrought with danger and ugliness. While it's true that Flint has had its share of challenges, there remains many beautiful things in the city. The key is that you need to open your eyes and know where to look. Flint: In The Details is a photographic stroll through the city that highlights in focused detail, many of the eyecatching (and often historical) things that fill the streets. Architecture, landmarks, local cuisine, vehicles and more have been captured and processed in a retro style that recalls simpler times in Flint.

A Personal Note: Yes, this book costs more than I would like it to. Please keep in mind when ordering, that my percentage of each sale is quite modest. I am not looking to make a fortune off of a (my) struggling city. A portion of the profits from the sale of the Flint: In The Details (and related prints) will be donated to a Flint-based charity at the end of the year.

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JohnnyMason Flint, MI, USA
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rossignol says

great pictures, congratulations.

posted at 02:52am Jul 22 PST


Resolved says

I've heard positive, good things about Flint, MI. There's a stronghold of good people living there and they're very generous with their time and helpful in assisting others who live there. My 26-year old nephew, Eli visited Flint some time ago from an invitation of a friend and he came away highly impressed! Along with the good citizens of Flint, I understand that a person can buy real estate at bargain, basement prices.
Last but certainly not least, Flint, MI is the hometown of one of America's greatest Rock
bands of our time...GRAND FUNK RAILROAD..Go Flint!!

posted at 05:38am Mar 17 PST


ProudOfFlint says

Sorry, but I just had to comment. TWainright, I disagree with you completely. This is a gorgeous book! Your cynical comments are precisely what a book like this is trying to counteract. It seems that whenever someone is trying to do something positive for Flint, someone else comes right up behind them to tear it down. The description of the book never claimed to be a neighborhood tour guide, it is clearly highlighting bits and pieces throughout downtown. Things that are “hidden” from the rest of the world, because much of the rest of the world doesn't want to venture into Flint, much less actually explore the different areas of downtown. This book isn't completely for us (the residents of Flint) but to tell the rest of the world that, “Hey...everything in Flint is not gray and dirty and evil. Stop by and see for yourself what is going on in the community and what kind of rich history we have!” Yes, I live in Flint, and have lived here my entire life...48 years.

As for the price, yes it is a bit steep. But why don't you actually price out what it costs to make a book on this website? Print on demand is expensive. On this book, the author only marked it up 6 or 7 dollars. After fees, he'll probably walk away with about 5 bucks, and then part of that is going to charity.

Come pay day I'm purchasing this book as my vote for Flint and the hardworking people that live here. If you know of any other things that have been published lately that actually shows Flint in a positive light, I'd love to see it. Otherwise, bravo to Mr. Mason for stepping up!

posted at 11:29am Jan 15 PST


TWainwright says

No pictures of the neighborhoods. Looks like Flint from the perspective of somebody on familiar with downtown and a few thoroughfares.
$45 is a lot of money to spend on what appears to be a couple of afternoons worth of digital photography.

"The key is that you need to open your eyes and know where to look."
C'mon, the photos in the book are mostly obvious postcard-y snapshots. Show some more obscure or hidden parts of Flint if you want to peak interest with people who are actually from the city.

posted at 08:33am Jan 15 PST


Irishboy51 says

I'll pick this up next month, when I can fit it into my budget. It looks like an excellent book.

posted at 11:45am Jan 12 PST


michaelpitts says

I have known Johnny for years. He has always been smart, intuitive and forward-thinking.

Johnny excels in many facets of creativity and this book is tangible proof of that.

Congrats to my great friend. You deserve all of the accolades and success that comes to you.

posted at 09:33am Jan 12 PST


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