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For years, they’ve controlled us, used us, murdered us. But now, the war will begin and they will be brought down.

The year is 4012 and the planet Earth which was once divide by continents, is now divided into four cities all run by an organization known as MediaTech; the future of technology. MediaTech's main purpose is to please the people by creating products which will serve for an easier and more efficient lifestyle, something Calissa Heart is not too fond off. For she is a firm believer of a free world where people are allowed to make their own choices. A belief she lives out in her own life as she desperately tries to blend in with society. Something that has always been somewhat of a challenge for her but becomes particularly difficult when is caught in the crossfire of an organization known as IZX. An organization which hunts, profits and kills people who are born gifted; people like her.

As Calissa fights to stay alive and find her missing family, she finds sanctity in the Safehouse, a hidden location which protects the victims of IZX. A place run by Ian, a handsome young man whose stubborn and demanding ways create tension between the two in the beginning. With the help of Ian and the Rebellion, an army set off to protect the people, Calissa sets off on a mission to expose the company that has destroyed so many innocent lives and get her family back, only to learn that there are far greater secrets untold, secrets pertaining to her and the company many worship.

As Calissa battles her inner demons she finds herself having to make the ultimate choice... one that requires the ultimate sacrifice.


About the Author

Melissa Perez
MPerez86 Florida
Melissa Perez is a young Latina born and raised in Bronx, New York. Since she was a child Melissa always found comfort in reading and writing, exploring new adventures at the turn of the page until one day she decided she would love to create adventures of her very own. As she grew older, she began to explore the different avenues of creative writing, finding herself captivated by words until finally she decided to make it her lifelong dream and profession. Since then she has been hard at work writing her books as well as working on several other writing projects. Currently she is living in the state of Florida with her family, working hard in hopes of making her dream to become a professional writer come true.

Publish Date  January 03, 2011

Dimensions  Trade  206 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Science Fiction & Fantasy

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fctc20 says

I really liked this <a href=",">book</a>

posted at 07:38am Feb 15 PST


Lizsie says

I would like to say this is one of the many great books I have read. I recommend this great book. Lots of Drama, Action, Suspense,Love.. This would be a great movie to watch. Thank you Ms. Perez :-)

posted at 12:36pm Mar 20 PST


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