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Simply stated, dreams are a succession of images, sounds, and emotions passing through one’s mind during sleep, though that hardly grazes the heart of the matter. Dreams are private myths, asylums from reality, and their own profound pieces of truth. Full of infinite creativity, and endless possibilities, we partake in worlds of fantasy, adventure, whimsy, and imagination, within entire universes of existences that never were.

This book contains the fantastical dreams of 18 individuals, each with their own tales of heartbreak, passion, adventure, danger, bravery, solitude, despair, love, and longing. These surreal stories summon the subconscious of dreamers, illuminating the fabrications of the mind, illustrating the narrative of the soul.


About the Author

Wesley Kirk
WesleyKirk Fort Worth, TX, USA
I'm a photographer and filmmaker from Fort Worth, TX. I like exploring abandoned oddities, listening to the music of Paleo, wearing a nice suit, and talking about space and/or dreams. All I have to offer is my own confusion.

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