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William Harroff was awarded the Technos International Award by the Tanaka Ikueikai Educational Trust. He taught a manga class at Technos University in Tokyo and explored the best place on earth, a media immersion pod. Join this otaku as he also visits Studio Ghibli, Akihibara, the Osama Tezuka Museum, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Charlotte Johnson and William Harroff co-developed (r)Evolutionary (e)Books, a cutting edge program of online happenings where audiences are invited to re-imagine the book, recognize the creative potential of the book in electronic form and expand the definition of ebooks beyond the narrow one propagated by commercial publishers. The "Brother Bill & Sister Char Traveling Tour” included events in Australia, China, the United Kingdom, Japan, Egypt, Mexico and across the United States. (r)Evolutionary (e)Books has included workshops at institutions and conferences such as the Future of the Book in Cairns, Australia; the Library and Information Technology Association National Forum; the Metropolitan New York Library Council; and the 1st joint conference of the Art Libraries Society of North America / Visual Resources Association. The (r)Evolutionary (e)Books model was selected as a 2002 Best Practice by the Illinois State Library and, in 2003, by the University of Calgary for their Best Practices in e-Learning Conference. The author has held faculty positions at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Oklahoma State University and McKendree University.


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In 1958, I joined the Supermen of America. I have done my best to pursue Truth, Justice and the American Way ever since. I was awarded the 1st Marvelmaniac-of-the-Month award in 1969 by Mark Evanier and a coveted No-Prize by Stan Lee soon after. I have taught manga at Technos University in Tokyo; illustration at Oskar Kokoschka’s School of Vision in Salzburg; and lectured on creating comics around the world. I have also studied with leading illustrators such as Germany’s Luis Murschetz, as well as current comic greats, Christopher Moeller, Scott McCloud and Matt Kindt.
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