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Take one very extroverted and bright little girl, add a grumpy old grandpa and you have the most interesting matchup since Paper Moon. Chloe Christine Townley was born November 10, 2005 and went to live with grandpa at age three and a half after being lost and retrieved far from home. It was not an easy mix - two strong personalities in one small space - but over the period of about 500 days they worked it out and are now well-known all over New York City and in several southern states.

This is a celebration of Chloe, the adversity she faced and her development from baby to young lady. Ask her about anything, she has an opinion about it and isn't afraid to tell you whether on the subway, the street or in school. She likes the Disney princesses, but thinks they are a bit too wimpy and need to have light sabres like in Star Wars.

Chloe is learning to read and write in kindergarten. She also cooks, folds laundry, does dishes and sometimes cleans. She currently lives with her grandpa, "papa," in Manhattan. Even though she's just five, she can tell you all the subways to get from uptown to the Toys R Us in Times Square.


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Rick Townley
rtownley001 NY, NY
Rick Townley is Chloe's grandfather and this is what he calls his second "tour of duty" for raising kids. A native of New Jersey, he and his son and daughter lived in Florida for 18 years before he moved to western North Carolina and finally back to New York. Mr. Townley writes short stories and business articles for several web publications. He also created and writes for a humorous blog called For Boomers Only, and is managing editor of The .918 Press, a digital publishing company. In his free time he can be found at the grocery store, at the laundromat, cleaning or cooking. Townley said he hopes he can retire from parenting before the great grandkids come along.

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