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It's extraordinary to see how fast the major cities such as Brisbane and Toowomba are recovering, and how soon the people are returning to their daily lives. We must not forget that this is not the case with rural Queensland who face a much longer cleanup process and lack the manpower so readily available in the cities.

Place and Displacement is a Photographic Documentation of Grantham after the 2011 flood.

This photographic book aims to generate a post-flood awareness of rural Queensland. All profits from the sales would be donated towards the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal:

“Travelling through Grantham after the flood, I felt as if I wasn’t there. With the town empty of people and no one to relate to, it seemed as if I didn’t exist. I was like an alien presence surveying a devastated terrain where the only evidence of life was the scattered remains of a past civilization strewn across the land.
As a photographer, I’m not a landscape person. At first I found myself shooting the open terrain, but then focusing on the scarred roads, the vacant houses and drifted vehicles. I ignored the contours of the land and concentrated on the detritus left by the rushing water.

Through the lens there emerged images of a spontaneous, natural rhythm in the pattern of displacement left by the flood. This stark beauty, sadly, provided me with an excuse to take these photographs.”
- Chih-Han Hsu


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Chih-Han Hsu
hhssuu Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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