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Nine photographic Precessions that depict the simulacra of Post Modern society.
Shot digitally through the view-finder of analog cameras, 18 images of images combine to create " Art through antiart ".
Based on the treatise, Simulacra and Simulation, by Jean Baudrillard.


About the Author

Kerry davis
Alhazen Portland Oregon USA
I am a photographer that enjoys constructing and shooting "table top" stories that contain improbable scenarios and strange interactions. I often combine political,religious and cultural content to manipulate a collision of perceptions. I utilize many photographic formats including, pinhole,toy and digital cameras. I am excited by the opportunities of combining digital negative with alternative processing and contact printing.

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sapata says

Really like it !
I like the idea you kept the camera viewfiders edge as well... Congratulations !

posted at 04:07pm Mar 04 PST

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