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This is a revised edition of my book of the Japan Alps, originally published with blurb in July 2010. Some text corrections have been made.

The book features photographs of the three ranges of the Japan Alps throughout the year - from January to December. The beauty of the mountains found here in these ranges will likely come as a surprise to those who are not familiar with Japanese nature. The highest mountains clear 3,000 metres.

Some of the photographs in this book have appeared in Nature Photography magazine in the U.S.

The photos were captured in 35mm, 6x4.5, 6x7, and 4x5 film formats.


About the Author

Peter Skov
PeterSkov Saitama, Japan

I have been having my photographs published regularly since 1994, first in North America and later in Japan and the U.K. as well. Since 2005 I have been writing articles to go with my photographs. From the beginning I have been interested in landscape photography and more recently in mountain photography. Now based in Japan, I spend most of my photographic outings in the mountains of central Honshu.

I continue to shoot with film and always travel with at least two cameras - a 35mm and a medium or large format camera as well. A few years ago I simply preferred film over digital. Now I simply can't afford digital. So for the time being, I do all my "serious work" with my film cameras and use a compact digital just for snapshots while on the trail.

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