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Several years ago I started carrying around either a small digicam or a phone camera to use as a notebook or sketchpad to capture those fleeting visual images that make up the day to day visual trivia that we encounter.

Those half glimpses of interesting combinations of shapes or colours that would very often elicit a 'Huh?' if we pointed them out to strangers

These moments of often mis-directed gaze have always fascinated me as they reveal a visual richness that form an important part of how we see the world

Hence this book.


About the Author

Julian Thomas
jtclicker Barcelona
Despite having ‘always been a photographer’ Julian Thomas is self-taught. Until recently he combined photography with another career. Before moving to Barcelona in September 2000, Julian taught sociology at both universities in Cambridge, UK. He studied with ex-Magnum boss Charlie Harbutt in the summer of 2001 at the Duckspool Photography Centre, Duckspool, UK, and largely thanks to Charlie's input, was a finalist in Photoespaña 2004.

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