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Meet Stella - she's an enigmatic woman of indeterminable age, type or style. She's vibrant, uncomplicated, multitalented, diverse, modern brave and flawed.

Stella is every woman - in a mysterious 'Mona Lisa' kind of way. So why is she naked and bald?It's the perfect disguise. Without a costume she simply is. She is absolute, trend free, unbranded and anonymous. Her race, her beliefs, her 'category' are undefined. She fits in every pigeon hole and none. Exposed, vulnerable and authentic; she definitely defies placement.

A study in average, Stella rebels against the modern take on beauty. She embraces her femininity and a more human, gracious understanding of feminine worth. For all that, she is not immune to the gnawing aliment of wanting to be more.

Life has its twists and turns; its ups and downs. Stella tackles each challenge with courage. She is resilient and playful, delightfully indulgent and not easily discouraged.

Stella is a crafty chameleon brimming with contradictions, interesting habits, wonder and adventure. She is a ravenous sampler at life's buffet. A woman, an imperfect perfectionist, Stella is simultaneously ordinary and extraordinary.


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