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A marvelous collection of exceptional macro photographs of insects and spiders by nature photographer Kitty Riley Kono. Each photograph is a work of art in itself and presents a completely different way of looking at the insect world. "It's as if Kitty has photographed the personality of each little critter."
The book is a treasure for any coffee table, school room, nature lover or photography enthusiast. Adults and children of all ages will want to look at each page over and over again. It is an incredible book for teaching the wonders of the miniature world and how beautiful and intricate each of these individuals is.


About the Author

Kitty Kono

Editor, photographer, mountain climber, mother, wife, Kitty Riley Kono was Vice President of Global Cooperation for ASTM International, one of the world's leading international standards organization before retiring in 2007. Today after spending years photographing in the United States, Japan and China, she has become an award winning nature photographer. Look for her upcoming book on Birds of Pennsylvania.

Publish Date  February 02, 2011

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  86 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Arts & Photography

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kittykono says

padrej says
Remarkable photos sowing the beauty of creation!
posted at 05:53am Feb 06 PST

roisinmck says
A co-worker suggested I check out your book (barry b). Absolutely beautiful, fantastic shots. Honestly have no idea how you can get so close to the little creatures without them scrambling off. You have a true gift.
posted at 04:35pm Jan 29 PST

Dewie says
I would not have figured myself for someone who would be so taken with photographs of insects. Horses..dogs..cats..being more my style..Finding this book has opened my eyes to world which instantly changed the one I have been walking through..Not only has Ms Kono captured these precious beings with professional insight..she seems to open us to the possibility that these delightful creatures have a sense of humor..or whatever the equivalent may be in their language..thank you Ms. Kono..for persuing your passion with such flair..sharing your work can only bring more sensitivity to a world often ignored or taken for granted
posted at 04:57am Jan 26 PST

lmitchum says
The photos in this book are simply amazing! I have never seen the colorings or markings on such small insects come to life like in these photos. Who knew a grasshopper would smile for the camera! This book would be enriching in any classroom and fun on any coffee table. I can't wait to get mine.
Thank you for sharing Ms. Kono!
posted at 01:53pm Jan 25 PST

mrowe says
The photographs in this book are amazing ... who knew that this universe was walking around the backyard!!! Ms. Kono has a truly unique gift of capturing the miraculous mystery of these beings. I'll never look at a bug the same way again.
posted at 09:44am Jan 25 PST

posted at 06:06pm Mar 06 PST

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