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A single beam of light on a simple stone floor proved to be the inspiration for this book. To me this revelation was yet another reflection of the principal that the purest beauty is always the simplest. During my forty years as a technologist I certainly knew this to be true in science and it is no surprise to me that it also holds for nature and art.
Like most travelers Stella and I have spent a lot of time visiting houses of worship wherever we found ourselves. The grand facades and gilded interior space of a European cathedral are temping targets for the touring voyeur. What many of us miss though are the real treasures of these places. Lately I’ve become more interested in the micro rather than the macro. When visiting I’ve learned to certainly appreciate the grandeur but not be distracted from the simple beauty light may play. Light defines our experience of these spaces. A ray of sunlight from a stained glass window either on a 10th century stone floor in France, or simply on a beige rug in a Santa Ana chapel can bring the same sense of spiritual beauty to me.


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Al Gerk
apgerk Huntington Beach, California, USA
The photographer, Al Gerk, is a retired Engineering and Management professional living in the downtown district of Huntington Beach. Dr. Gerk has returned to his first love, photography, after almost a forty year absence. In all of his work he is supported by his muse, Stella (who happens to be his wife) who is an active participant in the work. Today the digital age has revolutionized the technology of photography but the most important “Eye of the Photographer” remains essentially unchanged. “I want to share the beauty that surrounds all of us and take photographs that people pause, think, and want to come back to again and again. For this it remains that one needs the right aesthetic concept and then be in the right place, at right time before the power of the new technology is of any value.” The Authors would welcome your comments or questions at

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norgaard says

Hello Both
Very stong concept, "keep it simple". Nice nice carefully taken pictures vith great love for the light. Thank you for given us the possebility for enjoying your work.
Architect maa jorgen norgaard

posted at 05:57am Feb 17 PST

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