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"Baran Arts 1," Colors of the world, the first publication of Baran Art Association, is an art book composed of fine art work and photographs of 22 artists from different countries from around the world. This project is not a profitable project; it merely aims to bring together different artists with their own unique styles and fantasies. It contains 160 unique art pieces by the following artists:
1- Miguel Tió /Dominican Republic/ New York
2- Admir Pervathi / Albania
3- Eduardo Closs / Brazil
4- Rostam Aghala / Kurdistan-Iraq
5- Anita Espander/Denmark
6- Namiq Hama/Kurdistan-Iraq
7- Rekan Qader/Sweden
8- Delashad Bahadin/kurdistan-Iraq
9- Dara Aram/Canada
10- Arsalan Ahmed/ Kurdistan-Iraq
11- Trifa Anwar/Sweden
12- Nishomoto Toshiko/Japan
13- Joyce DiBona / USA
14- Inagaki Saburo/Japan
15- Shillan Jabbar/Canada
16- Khasraw Muhamed/ Kurdistan-Iraq
17- Delawer Omar/ Switzerland
18- Nori Mahmmod/Kurdistan-Iraq
19- Inagaki Saburo/ Japan
20- Herdi Ali / England
21- Keiji Kishida/Japan
22- Simko Ahmed/ Japan

Simko Ahmed
Founder of Baran Art Association


About the Author

Baran Art Association
simko28 London. UK

(Baran Art Association) is an International Artist Group that has no boundaries or borders. Our mission is to facilitate cultural exchange between artists from different countries while promoting peace and a civil society in both advanced and developing countries.
We aim to be a bridge between artists from developing countries and more advanced countries. Through our brushes we hope to repaint this troubled world with the colour of paradise. Baran Art Association is encouraging artists from anywhere in the world to participate.
It is our aim to promote these global artists works in our festivals and biennales. Our art shows will be held in diverse locals around the world, from war devastated areas such as Kurdistan, Iraq to cities in more advanced countries such as Japan, Asia, Europe and The United States.
Baran Art Association will help to raise the voices of artists in the third world by promoting their creativity and providing an opportunity to have their work shown to

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