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As a professional image consultant and coach for women who have achieved significant weight loss (or who are in the process), in “Love Your Reflection: 12 Steps to Loving Who and What You See in the Mirror Every Single Day”, Dianne M. Daniels gives readers easily implemented and understood tips and information on how to begin creating a new visual image and mindset to match their new visual impression. Using time-tested information from the image consulting industry and combining it with common sense and coaching principles, readers will be able to begin laying the foundation for an integrated and attractive Total Image – incorporating Visual, Verbal and Vocal aspects. With step by step guidance that guides the reader through examining your current image to determine what’s special about you, caring for your skin, developing a sense of personal style, and much more, Dianne’s clear and direct advice will inspire you to Love Your Reflection.

"'Love Your Reflection: 12 Steps to Loving Who and What You See in the Mirror Every Single Day' is an easily understood and digested introduction to the Love Your Reflection personal development system, and to loving who and what she sees in the mirror – the wonderful, beautiful and REAL person looking back at her. With her down to earth, practical and empowering wisdom that is delivered in easily consumed tips, Dianne leads the way for the woman who is ready for her image to catch up with the changes in her body.

This book is an introduction to the multiple aspects of your image and a charge to take control of that image – how you see yourself and how the world sees you – and start to define them both on your own terms. Wherever you are on your self-development journey after achieving significant weight loss - from fashion challenged to emerging fashionista-with Dianne as your guide you will be inspired to "Love Your Reflection!"


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Image & Color Services has provided image consulting and coaching services since 2001, including Artistry skin care analysis, makeup / color 'prescriptions', and much more. Love Your Reflection: 12 Steps to Loving Who and What You See in the Mirror Each and Every Day' is part of the 'Love Your Reflection' Personal Development System, and introduces readers to easily understood and implemented steps to help define and manifest the image of their dreams. Each tip provides immediately applicable information and a notes page to add your own specific reflections, brands, and action steps. Whether it's for you or someone you love, spending time on yourself is not just a good idea, it's essential to your overall mental and psychological health. Start here...take each tip and apply it to your image and your own self-development journey.

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